Welcome to The Way of Black-Sea-Bream Fishing Master with DANGO Method.

This site contains information on the DANGO method that is one of the black sea bream fishing methods in Japan. Here is information by plain explanation, because I'm sure you don't know Japanese fishing style very well.

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What's Black sea bream?

Refer to the photos below.

In Japan, Black sea bream is one of the most popular sea-fishing target.
Because they have a lot of attractiveness, such as very beautiful Silvery black body, powerful fight when they are hooked, dignified fins and attitude when they are caught, and difficulty for fishing them.
So that they really attractive our angler.

They are tasty, of course it's a fact that they are a family of red sea bream, however all of us take pleasure in fishing for just itself rather than for eating.
In this way, Black sea bream is the special existence for Japanese anglers.

Black sea breams inhabit around the coast in Japan except the Hokkaido region located north area.
We generally call them KURODAI (Western local name is CHINU).

According to the Internet information, they seem to inhabit in England and Australia, or more.

English name(s) : Black sea bream(s)

Japanese name : Kurodai, Chinu

Length : Up to 50cm or more

Weight : Up to 2kg or more